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A sound inventory control strategy is necessary to reduce overstocking and dead stock. In summer 2021, Gartner outlined top supply chain technologies promising to have a positive and valuable impact on the industry and overall performance while also getting people engaged in it. And one of the current trends is the necessity to combine existing solutions to improve ROI and get higher profits. Selecting the right features is essential when investing in a logistics system. Please note that the best logistics solutions come with an array of features, but you may not need all of them. Understand your requirements properly and opt for only the features that you need.

Automated proof of delivery removes the back office paperwork and enhances productivity. Upper’s real-time tracking feature can send the ETA of packages to the customers. Alternatively, you can use this feature to include last moment changes in your schedule.

  • These are the top logistics solutions to help you optimize your operations and improve your functionality.
  • Inventory tracking offers greater control over your inventory and helps you plan for purchases in the future.
  • Our custom logistics software simplifies your entire order lifecycle – from entry and fulfilment to inventory management, packing, shipping and tracking – with GPS navigation and mobile reporting capabilities.
  • A logistics management system gives you the technical edge to manage all the moving parts with only a few clicks.
  • 70% believe that logistics management software is a key driver for quality customer service.
  • Check out the Best Logistics Industry Software Leaders Matrix on SoftwareSuggest.
  • A good logistics software deals with coordination information, stock, handling of materials, production units, warehouse functions, transportation and product packaging.

We built a custom warehouse management and order processing software to simplify what was once considered complex order processing. It allows customers to place orders quickly and warehouses to track every order with improved efficiency and sophistication. Warehouse automation can automate the movement of goods to and from warehouses with minimal human assistance. Businesses can eliminate repetitive physical work, labor-intensive duties, and manual data entry and analysis.

Inventory management system

Don’t undersell your needs; if you require a larger, more complex solution, go all the way. Before picking out software for your operation, you have to decide if it solves your unique needs. If you take a look at some functionalities specially crafted for 3PL providers, you can find some great examples logistics and transportation software solutions of solutions that can boost your productivity and strengthen your supply chain. Find out the best way to plan your deliveries to make the most of them in the least amount of time. If you still have any doubts about switching to transportation and logistics software, this should put them to bed.

Logistics software solutions

With so many logistics tools on the market, it can be difficult to make the right choice. Supply chains are all about efficiency and real-time control because time is money. If you have a software solution that can pay rent, monitor machinery, conduct performance evaluations, send invoices and log incoming deliveries, your operational routines will get faster.

Inventory tracking

Rest assured that your intellectual property and personal data are secure and protected according to compliance requirements. We follow internal IP protection policies and strict NDAs to avoid potential data leaks or disclosure of information outside of the company. We also apply security best practices combined with our own experience working with clients. An ideal stop optimization program can prevent burnout without compromising on delivery times. You can also choose to integrate help desk software to assist your customers and improve engagement levels. Cloud technology is always connected to your resources and integrated with all departments.

Rely on our mature practices and proven frameworks to supplement your development environments, ensure smooth releases, and guarantee the flawless operation of your infrastructure. A branded, interactive digital experience with all the functions of a digital forwarder in a single solution. Access easy-to-consume dashboards and KPI reporting for data-driven decision-making. Manage rates and update quotes at the speed of change with direct integration to ocean carrier rate data with DCX . Ensure timely, accurate invoicing with integrated billing and a 3-step billing procedure.

Manage all of your logistics operations in a single platform, from rates and quotes to customs compliance, warehouse operations, tracking, accounting, customer service… Avoid double data entry, save time, and bust operational silos by creating bookings, pickup orders, warehouse receipts, shipments, invoices, all in one easy-to-use Digital Freight Platform. We have applications for several types of operations in transportation – all built into one system so you can grow and even change business models without the need to re-purchase software! For an overview of our trucking dispatch software, take a look at our trucking software solutions page.

Moreover, it eliminates paperwork, which helps deal with the processes efficiently and timely. Returnly is a smart third party logistics platform that solely focuses on product returns. It alerts customer support to take over for more difficult return cases. Returnless refunds and smart return windows are some of the star features of Returnly. Therefore, you can contact them to get a full-price quote for your requirement.

Logistics software solutions

Benefit from our custom logistics software development to get automated, efficiently manage inventory turnover, and reduce your operational and holding costs. Custom transport and logistic software development help businesses keep track of the entire production cycle, from raw material tracking to supply chain management to shipping. Our team delivers bespoke transportation solutions that help you orchestrate complex workflows, break away from dated spreadsheets, and weather stormy markets.

What is Logistics Management Software?

Fleet management businesses will have more of a focus on local transportation rather than long-haul. Usually, these businesses deal with shorter driving distances, so efficient route planning is a must. They also have strong asset management features that cover preventive maintenance on their vehicle fleet. Logistics software can help combat rising transportation costs and save money by comparing different shipping services, delivery agents, and shipping methods to find the most cost-effective option possible.

Our Logistics system is scalable and can be deployed on cloud or on-premise for your business. The software is capable of integration with most existing business applications. Ramco’s Logistics system is ideal for any organization wanting to optimize their operations and focus on Digital transformation and thriving digitally. Expand your business and win more customers with a high-performance tech stack that helps in on-time delivery. We analyze billions of datapoints, multiple times a week, crafting action-oriented insights and recommendations in order to solve the most challenging business obstacles. Our software are designed specifically for small and medium size businesses.

Avercast Inventory Planninguses algorithms to predict customer demand, giving you better inventory control. This software helps your business run more efficiently by preventing stock-outs and keeping you from purchasing more product than you need, which saves you warehousing expenses. QuickBooks Commercemakes it easy to track and fulfill orders because order, supplier, and customer data sync and integrate into one system. With its software, you can integrate and automate your ecommerce platforms, point-of-sale systems, and supply chain ecosystems. By adopting blockchain-enabled decentralised processes, you’ll have full traceability and visibility over your entire supply chain – even in a semi-trusted environment.

Based on the forecasts, your business can improve its process to bridge the gap between demand and supply. The forecasting feature also helps with better scheduling plus inventory and the entire supply chain management. We complement your existing SCM system with cloud-based software to improve communication, tracking & monitoring, logistics management, and automation. We integrate your SCM with a WMS, Machine Learning Software, Cold Chain Management System, IoT Fleet Monitoring, ERP, Blockchain Technology, CRM, and more to optimize supply chain visibility.

Handing these processes to logistics management software provides operational fluency to the supply chain. With logistics management software, a company or 3PL (third-party logistics) provider can avail of the following benefits. Logistics software for freight forwarders gives real-time access to information throughout the entire shipment process. Software combines all areas of the logistics process to create unified effort between procurement, inventory management, vendors and carriers. Fulfill customers’ expectations from formulation to implementation with the help of our custom logistics software development services. We develop Order Management Systems that automate the coordination of entire order execution from order collection, inventory, delivery visibility to product availability.

Third-Party Shipping Integration

If you are looking for a software development company to facilitate your project in logistics, we are ready to help. Send us your requirements so that we can prepare the best proposal for your needs. The immense growth of eCommerce has led to the rise of integrated 3PL (third-party logistics) services.

Logistics software solutions

The solution comprises freight search and real-time visibility features to streamline orders to carriers and facilitate efficient route planning. We used connected devices to provide live updates on driver performance, idling, and fuel consumption. Intellias helps transportation and logistics companies, mobility services, and geospatial data providers create cross-domain transportation software solutions. Intellias is a transportation software development company that helps fleet managers, urban mobility solution providers, and transportation and logistics companies navigate the road to cost-efficient technologies. Relying on our transportation management software development services, you can optimize delivery routes, cut fleet operating costs, minimize traffic congestion, and refine the urban experience for citizens. Since 2002, Intellias software engineers have been delivering logistics software development services at scale for global transportation platform providers, eMobility innovators, and large vehicle fleets.

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You also get the ability to set stock levels which will alert you to order more products. The order management system is the first process pinged after the client or the customer places an order. This system automates fulfillment tasks and reduces packaging errors. As a result, the overall efficiency of the business improves along with the ROI.

Optimal service models for transportation and logistics software development

Whatever you choose needs to be able to invoice customers and create service contracts quickly. 3PL providers often leverage invoicing tools to help give a clear view of what is being received and stored in an operation. A warehousing operation commonly takes care of more than one client at a time.

Freight forwarders uses Linbis Logistics to generate documentation such as air waybills, bill of lading, and control cargo movement. Innovative and efficient logistics cloud software specifically designed to meet the needs of freight forwarding companies around the world. Courier Software Courier Software helps Improved communication between client and service provider.

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The company says that its automation helps businesses ship their orders 45% faster. ELEKS helped Russmann to implement an advanced system for centralised fleet management, data-driven car disposition and fleet planning. The solution allows to automate 90% of car distribution decisions, resulting in great cost efficiency and significantly higher fleet utilisation rate. We’ll help you get the most from your demand predictions and customer interaction data.


In order to gain visibility into how this important cargo travels, software for logistics management streamlines the planning and control of each necessary step. If your operation is desperately looking for supply chain management tools, the process can be quite intimidating. No one ever said having options was a bad thing, but too many options can make finding the perfect solution more challenging than it needs to be. If you’re looking to get a jump on gathering some information about some best-in-class logistics software, our comparison guide can get you started. First, we evaluate your logistics project based on an objective assessment of your specific requirements. Depending on the project type — whether it is a full-cycle development, partial engagement into a project, or just a consultation — we provide you with the necessary number of software specialists.

They’ll likely want freight software geared specifically to the 3PL market like 3PLink and Accellos. These are the features that manage the execution of the freight pick-up, tracking and delivery. SCM entails managing all the inventory and transportation details to get the product to its final destination.