You will notice the difference between the fair-weather friends–the ones who have been there for the drugs or alcohol and the people who are your true friends. They will leave to keep taking drugs or alcohol (who will stay with you and support you through your decision to get sober). As we get mature, we need to learn healthy ways to deal with the pain and difficulties that life can throw at us. For most of those seeking recovery, this will be one of the most real fears they have when they get sober because the pain inside can be very scary. However, with professional help, this can also be done much easier than most people think. Addicts will have to face their relationships with people again, with their families, friends, and co-workers.

That meant that no matter what, no matter what I was going through, how bored I was, or how I was feeling, I had to completely abstain. I was afraid of sobriety because I was afraid that I was going to be boring and dull – that no one would like me anymore. Turns out, no one liked me before I got sober. Once I did get sober (and once I stayed sober for several years) I realized that I was truly becoming the best version of myself.

What are Some of the Most Common Recovery Fears?

But if you do choose to talk about your addiction, it’s from a place of taking responsibility for it. Maybe you’re ready—you’re practically desperate—to get sober and to change your life. The idea of getting sober in rehab only to relapse on the outside is a frightening thought. What you should know is that almost all addicts seeking help have relapses. Most will stumble, but that doesn’t mean failure.

  • That meant that no matter what, no matter what I was going through, how bored I was, or how I was feeling, I had to completely abstain.
  • His replacement has not yet been named, according to the state public defenders’ office.
  • Get over your fear of being sober by facing it head on.
  • Whatever your fears may be, they’re valid, and can be addressed and managed in healthy ways.
  • Many people simply do not know if it will work.
  • They struggle with the thought that they need to open up about their past scars.

You may be able to fix some of what’s lost and damaged. Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) is indicated for the treatment of opioid dependence in adults. For more information about Suboxone (buprenorphine/naloxone) see, the full Prescribing Information, and Medication Guide, or talk to your healthcare provider. You are encouraged to report negative side effects of drugs to the FDA.

What is more scary? Taking the step or staying stuck?

Those aren’t the friends you need to be spending time with right now. However, your choice to get clean may one day be a part of their decision to do the same. Now, before you enter drug and alcohol treatment, you worry about what rehab will be like. When you make the decision to get help, you’ll find fear of living life sober creep into your day. Later, you’ll see fear creep into your daily life through the recovery process.

Instead of being afraid that you won’t recognize yourself, look at it as an opportunity. You get to define yourself from here on out, and there won’t be any regrettable drunk shenanigans doing that on your behalf. You will have good days, hopeless days, and every other sort of in-between day on this journey.

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The best way to get back in charge of your life is to start now.

  • I think you’ll find that actually, it will never be as bad as you think.
  • If you are ready to begin your sobriety journey, Evoke Wellness is available to help.
  • The idea of getting sober in rehab only to relapse on the outside is a frightening thought.
  • This is because you’re afraid of not having drugs or alcohol to help you escape from reality.
  • Instead, she said, she was placed with a foster family.

The fear of being sober is a very common fear in recovery. To outsiders it might sound like a fear of success, but the fear of sobriety is more about your feelings without substance abuse. After all, it’s been a long time since you were sober, and maybe your last experiences of sobriety were traumatic. That’s why you started using in the first place.

Why Do I Hate Being Sober, and What Can I Do About It?

Because they think they’ll hate it, many people don’t want to get clean. As someone who drinks or takes drugs, it’s not hard to see why the idea of living a sober life is difficult. When you get sober, many people don’t know that there are many ways that your life will be a million times better. The first thing is that sobriety can be a really hard thing to face for a lot of addicts. There’s the chance that they might not make it through it, they could fail, and then there’s the pressure to succeed. There’s a fear of a life without the ability to ever drink or take drugs again.