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I am handling the accounting department for a leading MNC and struggle hard to update the payments details regularly. Now, invoice creation is one of the easiest jobs that anyone can do. Read their experiences, feedback, and ratings to gain valuable insights into how this software has benefited their businesses. Financial websites must have numerous report templates that match the scope of the application and can be customized to meet individual company’s needs.

BILL customers pay only a low fixed fee per transaction, whether they’re paying or receiving.Sometimes businesses forget to pay a bill, or prefer to hold on to cash longer. BILL can offer eligible customers access to Same Day or Next Day ACH for payments up to $25,000.Please refer to our pricing page for fee details. It also has pay-by-card features that allow you to pay Vendor Direct vendors with a credit card whether they accept card payments or not. BILL processes the payment with your credit card provider and then sends the payment to your vendor via ACH ePayment, check, or Vendor Direct virtual card, depending on your vendor payment setup.


To create an account, head over to’s sign-up webpage. Once you create an account and choose a plan, you can start availing yourself of features like a centralized inbox, invoice data capture, and unlimited document storage. Or, if a user wants to pay you through the platform and has sent you an invitation to sign up, you can do so through the onboarding page. It’s very user-friendly to track record of vendor ledger in and its save much time of user. One of most critical views is its list of unpaid bills.

This page contains a detailed list of every time an employee “touched” that bill. You need this level of security when multiple employees have access to approval and payment tools. Several user roles are meticulously predefined for administrators, accountants, clerks, approvers, and others, and you can add more roles if you need them.

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Schedule and send payments by ACH, wire transfer, virtual card, and check. Store your documents online for easily retrievable invoices, proof of payment, and supporting documents. Custom user roles, custom approval limits, and multi-entity/location/accounting files. The Enterprise plan offers the same integrations, as well fees as NetSuite and Sage Intacct syncing. It also allows users to have API access to for more effective analytics and includes premium phone support, single sign-on, dual control, as well as multi-entity, multi-location accounting file capabilities. ✓ (Users can select ACH processing, credit cards, check, or PayPal).

There are three different templates that you can modify by adding or removing standard fields. Those field options are as generous as those in most accounting websites. Invoices can include, for example, sales tax, discounts, and payments. You can add attachments and send completed forms via email or US mail. is an excellent standalone accounting service with advanced accounts receivable and payable management, plus the ability to create multiple approval levels.

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You can see at a glance what the approval status of each bill is (assigned, approving, approved) and batch pay the approved ones if you’re authorized. If you need to see a bill before paying, you click on the invoice number to open the record and any original bills that exist. Since there’s no one standard bill format in the business world, the app most likely won’t pull in everything needed. If you can’t easily read the bill, you can zoom in or download it to see it better.

  • The IVA automates data entry by extracting and entering invoice and vendor data, eliminating human error and accelerating workflows.
  • BILL would have earned higher marks in our evaluation if it had an in-app chat bot for faster self-help support or an email support team.
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  • Capitol, while Lauro is representing the former president in special counsel Jack Smith’s federal case alleging Trump engaged in a scheme to prevent the transfer of presidential power after the 2020 election. is complete online-based accounting software for ACH payments, and send electronic invoices and payment reminders. It takes less time to solve the problem and unique content of the site attracts to users. No other service provides a similar set of tools that can function as a standalone application or be smoothly integrated with leading accounting programs. does not pretend to be a full-blown small business accounting solution. Rather, it goes a step beyond double-entry accounting services in the areas of payables and receivables.